Date posted 2014-03-11

At least once a week I’m asked about my best recommendation for treating forehead lines.  Botox?  Fillers? Peels?  Laser!?
I’ve tried them all in the pursuit of fulfilling my due diligence as a professional skin therapist (read: esthetician).
I have been poked and prodded and filled with known toxins and other foreign substances, peeled my face off with technological marvels and with refined and aggressive acid combinations, dedicated myself to a regimen of daily topical creams that trigger my skin to repair itself and “heal” the hard-earned and increasingly apparent lines on my face.
Despite my dedication to the above I still see the lines. I still make the same face(s) that get me through my daily life and communicate my frustration, happiness, surprise, etc.  I continue to enjoy making tell-tale faces to inform my husband of appreciation or disappointment or frustration, and so the lines, the well-worn and completely unique map of my face and my heart continues to get more and more detailed, the older I get.

What’s a girl to do, you ask!?  What’s a girl, who doesn’t enjoy wearing so much of her history on her face for all to see, do with the roadmap front and center?
Again, having tried aggressively to erase and prevent more of my own roadmap from forming on my face I’m investigating a more permanent and dynamic solution.

For the next 30 days I’m going to dedicate myself to actually increasing my ability to make good faces; I’m going to try what some call Facial Yoga.  I’ve seen some amazing before and afters, I’ve read and heard from devotees and I have to say I’m super excited.  There are some hand dandy devices and high-tech crutches that will be making their way to a menu near you at Calvert Rejuvenations Spa if this little experiment goes as hoped.

Will you join me?  Below are some youtube videos I’ve found helpful so far.  I’m looking into many other teachers and techniques and books and videos.  I’m hoping to refine this approach so I can make the best, simplest recommendations, based on personal experience, once I’ve determined if this is, in fact, better than handing over our faces to harsh, aggressive methods and the risks associated with heavy duty “roadmap intervention”.

I’ll add to this list when I find things worth adding, so stay tuned.  email me with your feedback and insights!

Cheers, to making make innumerable faces as we see fit, to reducing the telltale signs of our lives, but continuing to relish the joy and satisfaction of playfully scowling when called for.


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Date posted 2013-04-12

The capacity for repairing and rejuvenating itself makes the human body a pretty incredible thing.  Today many of our bodies support very unnatural lives: we sit all day and barely move, we hardly ever sweat, we eat things that aren’t grown anywhere but made in labs.  Many of the repair and maintenance systems in our bodies have begun to slow down if not turn off altogether, which has led to  toxicity of varying degrees, even immobility in some cases.  To get back to our naturally healthy, naturally balanced state, sometimes, the body needs just the right nudge from nature for those wonderful internal processes to begin again, restoring us to our pristine pre-toxic selves.

Whereas Calvert Rejuvenations’ Organic medi-facials and products encourage our skin’s internal process for reinvigorating itself to its full youthful glory, Infrared saunas utilize heat therapy with far-infrared light to trigger the body’s most efficient mechanism for detoxifying and shedding the residue of a busy life: sweat. Deep, cleansing sweat, poured directly from your body’s subcutaneous fat. Your body stores excess fuel in the form of fat, and the fat stores all the body’s unusable residue, and there isn’t a person among us who wouldn’t benefit from shedding that stuff. Sweat is the release valve.

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Date posted 2013-01-31

Check out our video about eyelash extensions!

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Date posted 2012-12-06

Good morning CR friends, Sometimes I find that discussing the “mind/body connection” is a little too esoteric for me to grasp…it’s not always accessible.  Sometimes I am just too much in my head, too wrapped up in my to-do list, in LIFE to wrap my head around anything but what’s next.

In my practice yesterday I explored the body/brain connection instead and, guess what?  Something clicked. In yoga; in self-nurturing acts like tea rituals (or coffee, i suppose), dependable monthly facials, massages, meditation, whatever… you are refining, tuning up and maintaining that which literally contains your brain and therefore your mind.  As you stretch, and tone, build flexibility and stability in your body, so too are you supporting those qualities and growth for your brain.  Furthermore, these acts of self-nurturing lead to a healthier, cleaner, more fertile environment for your precious mind (brain) to reside in!

Yogis across the ages have explored acknowledged the impact that cleanliness and order have on the mind’s ability to expand and be free of anxiety and mental clutter- I believe that this mind (brain)-body connection idea is an opportunity explore that concept in a way that is more accessible to those of us who are too oft to be bowled over and consumed by our to-do lists.

Next: to explore the mind-body-SPIRIT connection and how to access that cliche lesson in our every day.  What the heck does it really even mean?  I’ve got an idea and I think it may work for you, too.

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